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The Legacy of Weber Haus Distillery

My name is Leandro Bueno. I was born in São Paolo but I left Brazil as a young man and travelled the world. Away from Brazil, I was never able to find the sort of drinks I was used to drinking back home, especially cachaça, which my grandfather used to make. This is him, on the left, on his farm in the 1930s.

True story, as well as making cachaça, he was the guy other farmers nearby turned to when a jaguar was eating their cattle. I’m not a hunter, but I love Brazilian spirits as much as he did.

After a trip home in 2016 I came back to the UK with some good cachaça and now with the aim of bringing you the best cachaça, rum and gin the country has to offer.

Weber’s principal export partner is the Weber Haus Distillery, which we selected for their high quality products, their tradition of distilling craft and expertise, and their progressive attitudes towards export growth.

The Weber family moved to Brazil from Germany in 1824, and have been producing spirits since 1848 in traditional copper stills on the slopes of the Serra Gaúcha hills. The current distillery dates from 1948, and today, the latest generation of Webers make high quality small batch cachaça, gin and rum 100% organically and sustainably.

Weber Haus products are multi-award winning, including a host of Gold and Silver medals at the prestigious Concours Mondial de Bruxelles. This is testament to the quality of production and the passion that goes into each and every bottle.

They skillfully distill and blend sugar cane, along with other carefully cultivated ingredients from their farm, resulting in a remarkable range of premium aged and unaged spirits. The farm holds a prestigious 100% organic and sustainable certification.